WC installation system and bidet faucet

WC installation system and bidet faucet

Product recommendations

Single-lever bidet mixer 1/2"
Rapid SL
Element for WC, 1.13 m installation height
Skate Cosmopolitan
Flush plate
Skate Cosmopolitan
Flush plate
Skate Cosmopolitan
Flush plate, stainless steel

Installation information
The installation height of the WC-Seat should be 40 cm.

Water quantities
Operation of the bidet fitting with low-pressure displacement water heaters is not possible for the bidet fitting!
Requirements to ensure good functioning of this shower solution:

  • Min. 0.5 bar flow pressure
  • recommended flow pressure 1-5 bar
  • Max. 10 bar operating pressure
  • Test pressure 16 bar

If static pressure is greater than 5 bar, fit pressure reducer.
Avoid major pressure differences between cold and hot water supply.

  • Flow rate at 3 bar flow pressure: approx. 10 l/min
  • Hot water inlet max. 80°C
  • Recommended: (energy saving) 60°C

General tips for installation
Please make sure that the water volume and the water pressure is adequate so as the waste is sufficiently be dimensioned.

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