Minta Touch Installation

Installation so practical, so simple.

1. Attach the earth to the controller and magnetic valve.
2. Screw the controller and the magnetic valve to the kitchen cabinet.
3. Run the three flexible hoses through the O-ring, hold it in place under the faucet, and then guide the hoses and faucet through the tap-hole.
4. Assemble the stabilizing plate, the earth and the fixing set. Then tighten.
5. Fasten the faucet from the top with the dedicated tool.
6. Screw the spray to the shower hose and guide the hose through the spout. Now attach the spout to the Minta Touch body.
7. Attach the weight to the shower hose.
8. Attach the T-connection to the angel valve (cold water).
9. Attach the flexible cold water hose to the T-connection outlet, the flexible hot water hose to the angel valve and the flexible hose with no markings to the magnetic valve.
10. Connect the GrohClick adapter to the shower hose and put it on the bottom outlet of the magnetic valve.
11. Screw the connecting hose to the T-connection (cold water) and connect it to the inlet of the magnetic valve.
12. Fix the earth under the sink using the supplied tape.
13. Insert the battery into the magnetic valve.
14. Connect the syphon to the sink.

Enjoy the pure pleasure of GROHE Minta Touch.

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